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France is one of the most significant seed producer in the world, thanks to its seed growing aeras, and thanks to its exporting vocation too.
Indeed, France is the first producer of seeds of the European Union and first world's largest exporter of agricultural seeds.
These results are explained by suitable soil and climatic conditions favorable to the seed production (richness of the soils, diversity of the climates) but also by the dynamism of the breeding companies, the know-how of the seed growers and a well-organized sector.

April 28-April 30, 2015: "AGROFOOD: International Trade Show on Agriculture & Livestock, Food, Beverage & Packaging Technology and Food, Beverages & Hospitality", Lagos, Nigeria

● April 3-April 12, 2015: "SARA: Agriculture and animal resources fair": Abidjan, Ivory Coast

February 21-March 1, 2015: "Paris international agricultural show": Paris, France

November 10- November 14, 2013 : "International Plant Breeding congress"" : Antalya, Turkey

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November 6- November 9, 2013 : "Kinshasa Agrofood 2013" : Brazzaville, Congo

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June 4- June 8, 2013 : "BELAGRO" : Minsk, Belarus

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● May 15- May 18, 2013 : "SIPSA AGROFOOD - AGROEXPO" : Algiers, Algeria

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April 28- April 29, 2013 : "The International 5th lounge of the Potato- BatatisMosta2013 " : Mostaganem, Algeria

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April 3- April 5, 2013 : "AgroWorld 8th Uzbekistan International exhibition Agriculture" : Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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February 24- February 28, 2013 : "Paris Iternational Agri Business show" : Paris, France

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February 23- March 3, 2013 : "International Exhibition of Agriculture" : Paris, France

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February 19- February 20, 2013 : "International Exhibition of Agriculture" : Kiev, Ukraine

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February 12- February 14, 2013 : The 5the International Conference " Potatoes & Vegetables ": Kiev, Ukraine

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GNIS : The French Association for Seeds and Seedlings

GNIS is the French association for seeds and seedlings, a privately- funded organization which delivers public services. Its aim is to ensure a regular supply of high quality seeds of improved varieties for agriculture.

The main missions of the GNIS are :

  • To guarantee the quality of seeds ;
  • To provide a platform for consultation between the different professional groups and public authorities ;
  • To develop actions in the seed sector to improve production and promote its expansion ;
  • To collect, analyse seed market data in France and abroad ;
  • To train people involved in the seed sector

The GNIS brings together professionals from every sector of the seed industry :
plant breeders, seed producing companies, seed growers, distributors, farmers and industrial users.

Representatives of these professionals are gathered into eight specialized "sections" by species, coordinated by a board, formed by chairs of the "sections".

In addition, Gnis enables professionals to have access to services: statistics, market survey, communication, international relations, regulatory policy, training for companies staff and foreign representatives.

Indeed, the Gnis has been delegated with the role of official control and certification by the Ministry of Agriculture, through its technical department : the Official Service for Seed Control and Certification (SOC). It has to control the genetic and physical quality of seeds and to check that they meet EU requirements.
For field crops, it includes quality control : field inspections, lots controls, lots labelling, varietal post-control analysis.
For vegetables (standard seeds), SOC undertakes post-control analysis.
Every year, SOC controls about :

  • 240 companies, 340.000 hectares of seed and seedlings, 3000 varieties and 75000 lots of seeds,
  • 1500 officially authorized technicians in companies for field inspection and 250 agents for lots sampling.

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